Appendix A. Migration Notes

A.1. Version 7 to version 8

  • A new set of quotes has been introduced which may match inline text in existing documents — if they do you’ll need to escape the matched text with backslashes.
  • The index entry inline macro syntax has changed — if your documents include indexes you may need to edit them.
  • Replaced a2x(1) --no-icons and --no-copy options with their negated equivalents: --icons and --copy respectively. The default behavior has also changed — the use of icons and copying of icon and CSS files must be specified explicitly with the --icons and --copy options.

The rationale for the changes can be found in the AsciiDoc CHANGELOG.


If you want to disable unconstrained quotes, the new alternative constrained quotes syntax and the new index entry syntax then you can define the attribute asciidoc7compatible (for example by using the -a asciidoc7compatible command-line option).