Chapter 19. Indexes

The shipped AsciiDoc configuration includes the inline macros for generating DocBook index entries.

indexterm:[<primary>,<secondary>,<tertiary>] , (((<primary>,<secondary>,<tertiary>)))
This inline macro generates an index term (the <secondary> and <tertiary> positional attributes are optional). Example: indexterm:[Tigers,Big cats] (or, using the alternative syntax (((Tigers,Big cats))). Index terms that have secondary and tertiary entries also generate separate index terms for the secondary and tertiary entries. The index terms appear in the index, not the primary text flow.
indexterm2:[<primary>] , ((<primary>))
This inline macro generates an index term that appears in both the index and the primary text flow. The <primary> should not be padded to the left or right with white space characters.

For working examples see the article.txt and book.txt documents in the AsciiDoc ./doc distribution directory.


Index entries only really make sense if you are generating DocBook markup — DocBook conversion programs automatically generate an index at the point an Index section appears in source document.