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Text based document generation

New in version 8.3.0

Lists can now be styled like other block elements, this allows the normal bulleted and labeled list syntax to be used for glossary, qanda (Question and Answer) and bibliography lists instead of having to remember a different syntax for each one. In the same vein there is only one labeled list syntax, horizontal labeled lists are rendered by applying the horizontal style. Examples:

A glossary term::
    The corresponding definition.
A second glossary term::
    The corresponding definition.

Lorem:: Fusce euismod commodo velit.
Ipsum:: Vivamus fringilla mi eu lacus.

The list related stuff in the configuration files has been rationalized with separate listtags-* sections (c.f. table tabletags-* sections). The old list tags are no longer supported so you’ll need to update your custom configuration file list definitions.

These changes necessitated the following backward incompatibilities:

  1. You have to explicitly precede horizontal labeled lists with the [horizontal] style attribute — if you do nothing the existing horizontal labeled lists will be rendered vertically.

  2. The old compact list style is now implemented as a list option, to update replace [compact] with [options="compact"]. You can now apply the compact option globally by setting the compact-option document attribute.

  3. You’ll need to update any customized configuration file list definitions that have been made.